Helicopter Services in France

At Skycam, our experienced team of trained professionals also offers a range of helicopter services in France, including management, maintenance, hangar rental, and letting. Since 2004, we have offered our specialised services to helicopter owners and charterers to simplify the ownership and rental of aircraft. Having honed our industry knowledge and experience, we are now among the leading providers of helicopter services in Europe and continue to welcome new clients in each aspect of the helicopter industry. Our services in the following fields are characterised by efficiency, professionalism, and an uncompromising commitment to achieving exceptional results.

Purchasing your helicopter

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of existing models and our numerous partners, we can propose helicopter selections on the basis of their quality.

Providing experienced pilots

Enjoy your helicopter at leisure beside an experienced and reliable pilot. Our pilots have spent thousands of hours flying the main types of helicopters and are able to perform all sorts of missions, as well as flight training.

Supporting you in the resale of your helicopter

Regardless of why you may want to sell your helicopter, you can rely on us to find a buyer thanks to our extensive network and our mastery of the sale process.

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